Sharp IS03 Android phone hands-on

Updated ·1 min read

Both KDDI and Sharp had a billion IS03s on display at CEATEC in Japan today (okay, not literally a billion, but quite a few), so naturally, we swung by to see what all the commotion was about. We'll be honest -- the phone didn't feel particularly high-end, coated top to bottom in cheap-feeling plastic and weighing a little less than you'd expect a phone of these specs to weigh. Furthermore, it was pretty sluggish and Sharp's UI skin atop Android 2.1 felt very "version 1.0," so we think we might want to wait for these guys to hone their game a bit before jumping in. That said, the vaunted 960 x 640 ASV display definitely seems up to the task, delivering bright, crisp images in the face of the notoriously harsh trade show lighting -- and the always-on LCD strip below the main display is a neat trick for glancing at the date and time without going to the hassle of powering on your phone. You might be worried that stacking it below the already-large primary display would make the handset too long, but we really didn't feel like that was the case. Follow the break for video!