Panasonic MW-20 is a digital photo frame, iPhone / iPod touch stereo, and money burner all in one

If you're the sort who fancies a digital picture frame and a stereo dock for your iPhone, Panasonic's new MW-20 might just be the thing to converge and satiate those needs. The 9-inch frame can display pictures via SD card, 2GB internal memory, or an iPhone / iPod touch via the bundled dock -- and if you've got the device connected, you can also play music video via the frame's internal stereo speakers (there's no indication of any audio out for using your own speaker system, however). Additionally, the MW-10 successor has a touted 15 different display patterns, including some calendar and clock functionality. Pictures taken with a Lumix camera? The MW-20 has a function that'll group photos by style (i.e. all nighttime scenery). Look for it during your haze of Christmas shopping in late November for -- and here's the part that's gonna sting -- just one dollar shy of $250. Don't say we didn't warn you. Scenes from the CEATEC show floor below. %Gallery-104354%