Panasonic debuts MW-10 photo frame / iPod dock / sound system

Can something manage to be both an iPod dock and a photo frame yet still manage to look like neither? It can if it's Panasonic's new MW-10 "multimedia audio system photo frame," which looks more like a shrunken down LCD TV than anything else. If that suits your decor, however, it looks like you'll get quite a bit from this little package, including a 9-inch WVGA display, 4GB of internal memory, an SD card slot, an FM tuner, some puported "audiophile-quality sound," and even a built-in CD player to complement the iPod dock 'round back. Look or this one to hit US retailers sometime in December for $299.95 -- or if that's too long to wait, you can pick one up in Japan right now, where it launched last month.