The Queue: BlizzCon or bust

Mathew McCurley
M. McCurley|10.07.10

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The Queue: BlizzCon or bust
I'm really excited about BlizzCon because this is my first. Every other year, I've been unable to attend for one reason or another, mostly because the 3,000-mile trek always fell during work or school. Well, now, I'm going to make it to BlizzCon 2010. It's BlizzCon or bust for me! Speaking of amazing things going on around the same time, are you going to the big WoW Insider meetup this year? You should. You totally should. I've got official confirmation from the people in charge that it's going to be awesome! Let's answer some questions.

Drecin asked:

Question for The Queue: This is the first time I have a max-level toon going into an expansion ... What should I be doing or gathering in preperation for the impending Cataclysm?

I would rule out gear farming or any type of equipment-related stuff. Go for achievements and stockpile some gold. There are plenty of achievements out there, both raid and not, and you know that gold sinks will be around in full force in the next expansion. Gear will be replaced. If you really wanted to gather something, go gather Khorium. Tons of goblins and worgen are going to want to build flying machines.

omnibishop asked:

When 4.0.1 goes (presumably) live next Tuesday, are all the new race/class combos going to be available or are we waiting until 4.0.3?


Christabel asked:

What is going on with 310 flying in Cataclysm? Yes, you buy it for 5k, but if you already have a 310 mount from Wrath, do you still have to pay?

Nope. That's why my server has been running Ulduar and Icecrown drakes like mad -- free 310 flying for all of your mounts come Cataclysm! The 10-man Ulduar achievements are really fun and kind of easy these days, so throw together a pickup group, bang out some achievements and save 5k gold.

Fairlane asked:

Will Blizzard be including authenticators in
Cataclysm boxes?

There has been no announcement of this, no.

Rasmus asked:

Do the writers on WoW Insider read the comments? Are they required to?

We absolutely read the comments. A bunch of us comment, even. One of the strongest parts of WoW Insider is our awesome community, and you guys and gals provide some really awesome insight in the comments.

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