Verizon rolls out FiOS on Demand app for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile

There's still no word on that promised, live TV-enabled iPad app, but Verizon has just rolled out its FiOS on Demand app for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile 6.5, which will let you buy, rent and watch so-called Flex View movies right on your phone. As we'd heard earlier, the number of officially supported devices is somewhat limited to start with --- including the Droid X, Droid 2, and Storm 2, to name a couple -- but Verizon notes that the list is expanding, and to check back often. Of course, you won't simply be limited to watching the movies on your phone; you can also transfer them from your phone to your PC, and view them on any combination of up to four devices in addition to a FiOS TV set-top box.

[Thanks, Nate]