Fox News uncovers NBA Jam's liberal agenda

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Fox News uncovers NBA Jam's liberal agenda
NBA Jam politicians
At journalism camp, we all learned to ask "the hard questions." For your pals at Joystiq, given the opportunity to chat with Peter Moore following EA Sports' last-minute delay of NBA Elite 11 and the subsequent rush to make NBA Jam on Xbox 360 and PS3 a fully featured product in and of itself, we'd have had no shortage of questions. "How are you going to bring the HD versions of the game up to feature parity with the Wii this year?" "With NBA 2K 11 gathering accolades, are you concerned that changing the NBA Live formula and then delaying it is ceding ground to the competition?" And the list goes on.

Fox News' Jenna Lee, given the same opportunity, asked the hard hitting question that we -- perhaps because of our single-minded focus on video games or perhaps because of our shortage of political acumen -- never thought to ask: "Is this a bipartisan game though, Peter?"

You see, President Obama, in addition to actually playing basketball, not being ancient and being president of the country, has some special moves in the game, clearly illustrating political bias on the part of the liberal fat cats at EA. In the interest of defusing this tense political standoff, we'd like to point out that Ms. Palin appears to have her own special move: playing men's basketball.

Watch the full clip after the break.

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