HTC 7 Surround first hands-on! (update: video)

We just got a quick look at the HTC 7 Surround for AT&T, running that brand-spanking-new Windows Phone 7 OS you've been hearing so much about. The phone has a kickstand to help it show off its standout feature: a slide-out "Dolby Surround Sound" speaker. Stand by for more impressions and video, but for now check out the gallery below.

Update: Video is live! Here are some thoughts:

We were impeded by the security device holding the phone down, but from what we could tell the Surround is a quality device -- we'd expect no less from HTC. It is built of plastic, but it pulls off that certain premium look and feel. Like we noted in the family post, however, the slide-out speaker seems like an expensive addition when you consider the thickness it's adding. Once we get a chance to play back some media and be "blown away" by the Dolby Surround we'll be able to tell if you if it's truly worth the tradeoff. Somehow we're in doubt. Overall the phone comes off as a slightly inspired design in a sea of fairly uninspired designs (at least in the US). HTC HD7 this is not.%Gallery-104771%