Windows Phone 7's 'Find My Phone' feature teased in Microsoft video

And then, there were three. Apple's Find my iPhone introduced a rather compelling idea -- one that involves locating your phone by tapping into the GPS lock that it was holding onto in someone else's arms. A few weeks back, Big Red announced a similar service for VZW-branded BlackBerry, webOS and Android phones, and now that Windows Phone 7 is making its red carpet reveal, we're learning that Microsoft's newest mobile OS has similar functionality baked in. The feature is teased in a new Microsoft video that shows off the cloud functions of WP7, which also demonstrates the phone staying in sync with contacts added on the PC, playing Xbox LIVE with friends and shooting an image on the phone just moments before viewing it on a Windows 7 laptop. We're hoping to get a better idea of how the handset recovery system works (and how much it'll cost) a bit later in the day, but for now that aforementioned video is embedded just past the break.

Update: AT&T has affirmed that this feature will be completely free of charge for WP7 handsets purchased from it. We're still waiting to hear if it'll be free across all carriers / countries.

[Thanks, JagsLive]

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