Zune software version 4.7 is now ready to receive your Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has taken care of a little bit of T-crossing and I-dotting this morning by updating its Zune desktop software to v4.7. The code should now be fully equipped to welcome incoming Windows Phones, and our tipster's screenshot above seems to indicate the app marketplace will be up and running on time as well. There's an additional note to say that app purchases will be accessible from up to five separate phones sharing the same Windows Live ID -- clever Microsoft, encouraging people to buy in bulk. As to the Zune HD, we're hearing there's no firmware update at this time, it's still on v4.5.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: Thanks to our treasure trove tipster Sheeds, we now know there are currently 86 available apps in the WP7 marketplace. That's a far cry from the "over 2,000 at launch" we heard on Saturday, but it's still very early on. 22 of those apps are free, the rest cost between $0.99 and $6.99.%Gallery-104730%