Zune 4.0 software is out, ready to fulfill your dreams (update: kills "squirting")

If you're one of the few Earthlings with a Zune HD sold ahead of its US street date... and still awake, consider yourself obsessive. And lucky: the Zune 4.0 software just popped and is ready to download for the newest must-have portable media player. Our full review is on the way, 'till then check our hands-on and official launch-day press release just beyond the read link.

P.S. Looks like older Zunes are getting a version 3.2 update -- screengrab after the break.

Update: The new Zune software is fully Windows 7 optimized as you'd expect. That means it supports Windows 7 Jump Lists (for quick access to your music controls and playlists from the Taskbar), Previews letting you glimpse and control media by hovering your mouse over the Zune button on the Taskbar, and Aero Snap auto-resizing of the Zune software window. Here's a quick overview of what else is new:

  • Quickplay menu: quick access from your Zune HD to your favorite media including those you most recently added or played

  • Smart DJ: Like Apple's Genius, Smart DJ creates like-minded music mixes. It also adds music from the Zune Marketplace if you have a Zune Pass.

  • Mini Player Mode: Keeps a mini version of the player on top of your PC apps

  • Download to own: For the first time you can download-to-own or rent full movies and TV shows in SD or HD formats.

Surprisingly, CNET says that Microsoft has killed the ability to "squirt" DRM-crippled music directly between Zune users. Not that it will be missed.

[Thanks to Mario H., Travis, and everyone who sent this in]