CCP's EVE Online Commissioned Officer Edition throws a life preserver to newbies

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|10.12.10

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CCP's EVE Online Commissioned Officer Edition throws a life preserver to newbies
It's never been a better time to get into EVE Online: The title is on the verge of releasing a new expansion, with another one on the way for the spring. However, many players who may find EVE appealing are hesitant to take the leap out of a fear of being so far behind that there's no way of ever catching up with the crowd.

If this is you, then CCP is extending a rare helping hand to easing you into the hardcore world it has created. On October 19th in North America, the studio is releasing a new boxed edition of the game, titled EVE Online: Commissioned Officer Edition. The "commissioned officer" refers to an exclusive in-game item that comes with the package, a Cerebral Accelerator implant that will give a significant boost to new pilot skill development for the first 30 days.

Senior producer Arnar Gylfason sees this as a great way to knock down the barrier to entry: "The Commissioned Officers Edition is the best way for a new player to get a running start in the highly competitive environment of EVE Online."

The Commissioned Officer Edition also comes with a full month of game time and an EVE poster that has a slew of helpful hints and tips on it. This edition of the game will only be available in a physical form -- no digital download, sorry! -- and will hit European brick-and-mortar stores following the NA release.
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