Kensington's ClickSafe security lock: 'so easy, your employees actually use it'

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.12.10

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Nice going, Kensington -- you just admitted to the world something we already knew. No one actually uses the lock slot / cable that's issued to them on their first day on the job. It's painful to envision the cash this company has made from mindless corporations who somehow think that employees are going to tie their laptops up each and every day, but now it has an alternative that it swears "your employees will actually use." The new ClickSafe system essentially works as such: you insert a small locking nub into the lock slot that ships on (almost) every new laptop today, and then you clip the new locking cable on by hand. Once you've completed the first step, the cable connection is a simple motion each morning -- in theory, at least. Peek the installation vid after the break if you're still having your doubts, and feel free to blow $49.99 / $69.99 (depending on model) if you just know that this time it'll be different. %Gallery-104749%

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Kensington® Gives Enterprise a Higher Standard of Physical Computer Security With ClickSafe™ Laptop Locks' One-Click Ease of Use

Simpler, Safer, and Smarter Design Will Greatly Increase User Compliance

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kensington Computer Products Group, the worldwide leader in physical computer security, today introduced the Kensington ClickSafe™ Keyed Laptop Lock, a simpler, safer, and smarter standard of defense for the Enterprise. ClickSafe's unparalleled ease of use and protection serves to significantly cut IT expenses caused by stolen laptops, lost hardware and data. Physical computer security issues in the Enterprise have grown exponentially as employees have turned to laptops both in and out of the office. And yet, the simple, first line of defense that a laptop lock offers to protect IT assets and the valuable data that resides on them is still often overlooked by Enterprise users. Now Kensington- globally recognized creator of the famous Kensington Security Slot built into 99% of laptops, and award-winning MicroSaver® and ComboSaver® computer locks- has created yet another new standard in laptop security. The Kensington ClickSafe™ design is so simple – one click and that's it – that user compliance is expected to dramatically increase.

"Companies entrust laptops with their most sensitive data, yet do not often think twice about physical computer safety. Kensington's new product is designed for employees to stay productive with their laptops at all times while improving hardware security compliance and above all, being simple to use."

Today's business executives are more mobile than ever. Yet they are not aware that the price their company pays to replace just one lost business laptop is much more than the $49,246 worth of lost equipment and data reported by the Ponemon Institute1. Costs from hardware replacement, lost productivity, data recovery, damage to client relationships and company reputation can result in astronomical losses. Despite major advances in security software and internal data protection, thefts of the actual business laptops themselves continue to increase each year. In fact, a recent 2010 IDC Laptop Theft Survey2 commissioned by Kensington found that up to 40% of laptop thefts occur right in the office itself, with an astounding 9 out of 10 organizations reporting that they suffer from problems of laptop theft in epidemic proportions. The survey results also proved the value of initiating improved security and compliance with IT respondents reporting that well-implemented security policies can reduce laptop theft by as much as 43%.

"Hardware theft is still a very serious issue to many businesses," said James Michael Stewart, Certified Information Systems Security Professional and author of Foundations of Network Security, Firewalls, and VPN's. "Companies entrust laptops with their most sensitive data, yet do not often think twice about physical computer safety. Kensington's new product is designed for employees to stay productive with their laptops at all times while improving hardware security compliance and above all, being simple to use."

The ClickSafe lock protects computers in just one single, simple step. It easily attaches to a laptop with one motion to be secured. Kensington's smart made simple philosophy has eliminated the need to first insert a key and then follow multiple steps to engage a lock. There's no learning curve or hassle to use- the seamless solution is built to fit busy daily routines so all employees will stay security compliant. IT and security managers can now be confident that company computers and IT assets are protected from theft. ClickSafe's firm, anti-theft engagement mechanism, pairs with cable made from superior carbon strengthened materials to deliver the best security available in a cable-style lock. Kensington rigorously tests its security products for real-world conditions to resist lock-picking, corrosion, tampering and extreme environments, and the new ClickSafe has exceeded them all.

"Kensington introduced computer locks to the world and with this product has once again raised the bar of security standards. ClickSafe is the solution enterprise companies have been waiting for to finally improve employee security compliance," said Rob Humphrey, Director, Security Products Global Business at Kensington. "We have taken smart made simple to a whole new level by simplifying a five-step process into one easy step, without compromising the strength and protection Kensington has always offered. There are no more barriers or excuses for users not to comply with their employer's security policy, so meeting HIPAA or GLBA regulations is that much easier. Here is an opportunity for businesses to enforce security policies, protect IT assets and save organizations real dollars."

Kensington ClickSafe™ Keyed Laptop Lock (K64637WW; SRP $49.99)

Protect the computer in a click with the Kensington ClickSafe™ Keyed Laptop Lock. Just one step ensures ultimate physical security-simply attach ClickSafe with a single motion. ClickSafe combines a cable made from superior materials with a tamper-proof disc-style lock to deliver the strongest security available in a cable lock. A master key version is also available: ClickSafe™ Master Access Keyed Laptop Lock (K64639; $49.99).

Kensington ClickSafe™ Keyed Twin Laptop Lock (K64638WW; SRP $69.99)

Designed for effortless protection of computers, peripherals and your business´s most important data. Kensington's ClickSafe™ Keyed Twin Laptop Lock features dual one click lock heads offering 3 rotational degrees of freedom to attach to hardware in a single step. There´s no need for employees to insert a key or follow multiple steps. A master key version is also available: ClickSafe™ Master Access Keyed Twin Laptop Lock (K64640; $69.99).

* Simpler -- Security in one step, the simplified design protects your employee's computer with just one click. So easy to use, your employees have no excuse to leave their computer and data unprotected and your business is protected.
* Safer -- Tamper-proof disk-style lock combined with super-strong high-carbon steel cable provides the strongest physical security on the market. Made with stainless steel and metal-injection molding, ClickSafe is reinforced by 7 x 7 carbon cables. It is the next generation in computer safety, from the people who brought you the first.
* Smarter -- No need to compromise security, portability or convenience. ClickSafe is designed to fit seamlessly into busy daily routines to deliver improved compliance. And for an extra layer of control, Clicksafe locks are also available in Master Access configurations.

Product Availability

The Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Locks are available for purchase at CDW, Dell and other resellers nationwide, as well as at For additional information on the existing line of Kensington products, please visit
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