Apple TV Hacks: Ports and wikis

The Apple TV jailbreak community remains in a holding pattern. As yet, the greenp0ison and limera1n jailbreak tools do not install command-line/full file access to the box, a precondition for most kinds of application development. That doesn't mean there aren't interesting events going on, however.

If you're a hardware hacker, iFixit has a great DIY project for you. Step 8 of their teardown suggests that it shouldn't be hard to solder on a standard iPod docking connector. Over at the #awkwardtv channel of, hobbyist davilla (of atv-bootloader/atv-creator fame) is attempting to make that hack a reality.

We'll report back on its success, should he succeed. The default Apple TV hardware does not allow you to use the HDMI port and the micro-USB port at the same time. Adding an iPod dock to the side of the enclosure will bypass this hardware restriction, allowing both hacking and viewing.

In other news, the AwkwardTV Wiki has a new Apple TV 2 page, which is just getting started. This will provide a central knowledge gathering point for anyone working on ATV 2 frappliances and custom applications. Interested developers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with previous ATV development. A sample frappliance template has already been added, along with headers and a link to Dustin Howett's beigelist project.

While not a lot has happened over the last week or so, interest in the Apple TV platform remains high, and TUAW will continue to keep you posted.

Thanks, davilla, Kevin "nito" Bradley