Canon Cross Media Station pulls your pics and charges your cameras, wirelessly (video)

Pulling memory cards and downloading pictures? A pain. Keeping track of a drawer full of different-sized battery packs for your travel, studio, and video cameras? A headache. If that's you, Canon's Cross Media Station could be a big hit of aspirin. Finally shown to the world after being teased at the Canon Expo last month, the prototype device looks something like a chubby scanner from a dark future. However, the top is actually an inductive charging pad. Set your camera up there (up to three at once) and a blue light will pop on to indicate flowing electricity. While the power heads one direction the data goes whizzing by in the other, pictures pulled and categorized on the device based on time, place, and recognized faces. As you can see in the video after the break, photos can be displayed over HDMI onto your HDTV. We're guessing the wireless data spec is TransferJet, as Canon is a member of that consortium, but when it comes to the wireless charging we're somewhat in the dark. It looks like the models in the video are using adapters to enable this functionality, but surely this will be integrated eventually. You know, in the future, when all the best stuff happens.