OQO founder lists prototype handheld PCs on eBay

This is definitely one for hardcore fans only: company founder Jory Bell has listed two of the very first prototype OQO computers on eBay. Sadly, they may or may not be bootable (you'd have to break out the soldering gun to figure that one out), but both will definitely look great in the self-styled "Museum of Legacy Computer Hardware, discontinued AD&D Modules, and Heavy Metal T-Shirts" you have going in your parents basement. What will the lucky winner receive for his hard-earned dough? The Brazil PC dates back to 2000 or 2001, and is missing many of the things (batteries, CF card) that actually lets it function. Fun, huh? The other prototype, ATTO, apparently held the Guinness World Record at one time for smallest PC. It includes a capacitive touchscreen display, firewire, an integrated antenna for WiFi and Bluetooth, and more. Feel like going nuts? You've got about a week to bid as of this writing, with the lot currently going for just over $4.

[Thanks, Picasso]