Give me my Rift beta FAQ, beta FAQ, beta FAQ -- Trion's beta FAQ ribs!

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|10.14.10

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Give me my Rift beta FAQ, beta FAQ, beta FAQ -- Trion's beta FAQ ribs!
There have been a lot of antsy players bouncing on their toes outside of Trion Worlds HQ as they await word of any new Rift: Planes of Telara beta news. While all is quiet on the beta front for the time being, Trion CM Abigale posted a pretty useful beta FAQ on the Rift forums to handle the bombardment of commonly asked questions.

While some of the information covers the multiple tiers of potential beta testers that we reported a couple weeks ago, Abigale painstakingly covers all the angles. One of the interesting aspects of Rift's beta process is that it will take the form of self-contained "events," and not all beta applicants will be invited to all of the events. In fact, once a non-VIP tester takes part in a beta event, their name goes back in the pool of potential testers and may or may not be redrawn for the next round.

Of course all of these queries are overshadowed by a single dominant question: When will beta begin? While alpha has been underway for quite some time, Abigale refuses to place any time frame on this question and simply states, "Beta dates have not been announced yet." You can read the full FAQ over on the Rift forums.
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