TiVo issues 30 for 30 interactive ad challenge to shift how brands buy advertising

The way TiVo sees things, advertisers shouldn't foolishly pay for ads no one is watching thanks to their DVRs, when they could use the same money to pay TiVo -- a DVR company -- for special ads DVR users are more likely to see. At least that's what we're getting from their recently announced 30 for 30 interactive ad challenge, which involves asking advertisers to move money from poorly performing prime-time 30-second TV spots and instead put it towards buying 30 days of ad exposure on TiVo. For those unfamiliar with TiVo's ad offerings, this exposure appears as clever advertisements shown in places such as the pause menu and home screen, or via special placements through fast-forward billboards and interactive tags that appear during regular commercials. While this may be bad news for TiVo's commercial-hating users who bought the device to avoid ads in the first place, depending on the trial's success, we're hoping TiVo could earn enough dough to drop the monthly subscription fee -- that is as long as VOD doesn't make the discussion moot. Sure the concept is crazy enough to make even Joseph Heller proud, but thankfully whatever happens, there's still HBO.