Take a Dynasty Warriors Online beta key, or we'll send Lu Bu to camp your gate

Look at that man and his fancy beard. Do you want a piece of that? Do you, punk?

Lu Bu (and our good friends at Aeria Games, but mostly Lu Bu) has given us 2,500 beta keys for Dynasty Warriors Online that we're giving to you guys! Now you too can step into the shoes of a Three Kingdoms officer and fight the good fight against thousands of nameless soldiers who will inevitably die at your feet! Huzzah!

If you've never played a Dynasty Warriors title before, let us sum it up for you. You take control of an officer in the military, specialize in some sort of neat, exotic weapon, and then win entire battles by yourself. It's the ultimate game of one versus 1,000, and the one person usually comes out triumphant. Epic battles are epic.

But now since it's online, you'll be doing the same thing with friends! So if you want a key then look no further than after the break.

Destroy entire armies with your friends!

You're looking to get your feet wet with some epic battles, eh? Well all you need to do is click the gigantic green button below to be taken to our key distribution site, where you too can get one of our 2,500 beta keys.

After you do that, head on over to Aeria Games, create an account or log into your existing one, and then visit the Dynasty Warriors Online key redemption page. Insert your key into that page, and your account will have access to Dynasty Warriors Online! That's it!

So, without any more instruction, I present to you the gigantic green button!

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