Pleo Reborn detailed by Innvo CEO, one lucky fan finds and buys the tiny dino (video)

Innvo Labs wasn't sharing a single detail about its new Pleo at CES last year, but the company's being a bit more forthcoming now -- not only did CEO Derek Dotson grant the baby dino community a lengthy interview detailing most every improvement last week, but its Hong Kong parent is apparently already selling the robot abroad. It's called the Pleo Reborn (or "RB" for short) and the primary features are these: a lithium-polymer battery good for two hours of continuous use, a much tougher hide, and an RFID "sense of smell" that lets it interact with a variety of optional accessories to "eat," take medicine for virtual injuries and learn new tricks as you go.

The little creature's also got four additional touch sensors, a temperature sensor, a gravity sensor and an internal clock to tell the time of day, improved motors, and basic voice recognition -- and the Hong Kong packaging suggests the dinos will even come in two different sexes. User marcimarc444 claims to have paid roughly $500 for the one pictured above at the Hong Kong Electronic Show, and though we don't have US pricing or availability at this point, the CEO did suggest that "very, very limited" quantities would be available later this month. Find the full interview and a testimonial at the links below, and watch the Pleo RB in action right after the break.

[Thanks, Michael W.]