Droid 2 Global ads now running on Verizon's 800 number

Whoever said being on hold was a bad thing? Verizon customers who call in and get stuck in limbo right now are being treated to a minor device scoop: an ad for the mythical Droid 2 Global, which has leaked out here and there but hasn't yet been officially announced. The ad doesn't reveal much apart from the existence of the CDMA / GSM slider and the fact that it'll work in 221 countries, but that's all we needed to hear -- listen for yourself after the break.

Update: Ha, as commenter Spider-Man points out below, that 221 number is mighty suspect, as there are only between 191-195 countries in the world today, depending on how you count them. Sounds like Verizon needs to take this one back to the studio. Thanks, Spidey!

[Thanks, Anonymous]