TERA talks costume contest, shows off new screenshots

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.18.10

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TERA talks costume contest, shows off new screenshots
Looking forward to TERA? Like cosplay? If so, En Masse Entertainment has a Halloween costume contest just for you. Send in a picture of yourself dressed as a TERA player character, NPC, or monster, and you could snag TERA merchandise and multiple beta invites.

The contest will also feature five runners-up, each of whom will take home t-shirts, posters, and lanyards as well as one beta invite. Entry requires a Twitter account, and you'll need to reply to the official TERA Twitter with a link to your costume photo and the hashtag #teracostume. Be sure and have a look at the costume contest rules on the official forums.

Speaking of costumes, you can also check out the latest Screenshot of the Week featurette for a potential idea in the form of a Castanic Free Brotherhood farmer.

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