iPhone-controlled Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair now available

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iPhone-controlled Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair now available
Have you been struggling to come to terms with your non-iPhone-controlled massage chair ever since seeing the Acutouch HT-9500 back in August? Well, your long, comfortable nightmare could soon be over. The massage chair is now available for the low, low price of $4,999 -- that's a full grand off the MSRP. In case you missed it, the real selling point here (for some folks, anyway) is the accompanying HT-Connect app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which will let you wirelessly control the chair and give you "instant access to a world of resources, massage programs and expertise designed to improve your wellness and life." Head on past the break for a glimpse of the app itself, and hit up the source link below to find a retailer near you (it's unfortunately listed as out of stock online).

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Acutouch HT-9500 Massage Chair Is Creating Relaxing Tingles Around The Globe

Each year, the "hard worker" inside every person across the U.S. and around the world literally spend thousands of hours racing to meet work deadlines, constantly filling out paperwork, punching time sheets and dreaming about going on some vacation.

(I-Newswire) Taylorsville, UT, October 16, 2010 - Meanwhile, that inner voice simply wants to get away from that work roller coaster and is pleading inside to be released in search of a blissful relaxing moment that will just wash away their worries, if only for a moment. The irony of it all is, many of these very hard working people allow their personal vacation time to simply expire, an unfortunate reality.

Lucky for you, there is still a way to relax those tired and achy muscles, to decompress and let your mind wander, and it doesn't require buying a plane ticket.

Introducing the all new Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair by Human Touch. A whole new experience in chair massage. The organic relaxed feeling you get from the Acutouch HT-9500 is unparalleled to any other chair on the market. A complete state of restfulness.

A luxurious feeling every human being should experience.

"What we have achieved here is spectacular .... this chair is the ultimate in relaxation.. and we promise you that you will never have an ounce of buyer's remorse" says Dr. Alan Weidner, creator of www.massage-chair-relief.com.

Beat the burned out blues with this state of the art Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair and take an exhilarating "vacation" to the town of relaxation. This chair will not only massage your body, it will even play your favorite tunes.

What makes the all new Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair unique is that the user will have complete control via an iphone app. The programming features are the biggest thing in technology and comfort control. This Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair is also very versatile and will look amazing anywhere you place it, from the office, to your home as well as a reception area.

Acutouch HT-9500 massage chair comes in natural tone colors of rich black and espresso, which is a creamy dark brown color giving it a clean and classic look.

This chair will engage all of your senses through the actual massage features, your music or sounds of choice and invites users to reach a true state of relaxation to help you face another day at the office, or a challenging day at home.

Learn more at www.massage-chair-relief.com

This beautifully designed redefinition of comfort, features and wellness takes the massage experience – and the way it's controlled – to a brilliant new level.

Incorporating the very best materials, ingenuity and functionality we have to offer, the AcuTouch 9500 is the premier massage chair featuring the HT-Connect™. This free downloadable app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad provides instant access to a world of resources, massage programs and expertise designed to improve your wellness and life. Discover the evolution of wireless wellness. The AcuTouch 9500 delivers all the massage features you've ever dreamed of - and personalized control you never could have.
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