Qantas to offer in-flight iPads on Jetstar flights

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Qantas to offer in-flight iPads on Jetstar flights

MarketWatch is reporting that iPads are to be offered to passengers as in-flight entertainment on Qantas Airways' Jetstar flights, according to a company official speaking to the Dow Jones Newswires. The move is to draw would-be flyers to Jetstar in an increasingly competitive market for budget airlines operating in and around Australia and Asia.

"We're in the final stages of putting in place what would be a broader roll out across the network. We're in ongoing discussion with the manufacturer around a more integrated network proposition," a Jetstar spokesman said in an interview Monday.

According to ZDNet Australia, passengers will have the option to rent an iPad for the duration of the flight at AUD $10.

The larger screen would certainly be a plus, but I must admit, holding an iPad for the duration of a flight would become slightly tiresome. However, I know that if I was on a long-haul flight, I'd certainly choose an iPad loaded with games, music, and movies over the usually clunky in-flight entertainment service offered on most airlines these days. Though, not at an additional cost -- especially if I've got an iPad of my own already.

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