Barnes & Noble prepping new Nook with full color touchscreen?

Yeah, the Nook already has one color screen, but its primary display is depressingly monochrome. Now there's word on the street, from a reliable source of CNET's, that Barnes & Noble will be bringing a full-color, Android-based, touchscreen Nook to its event next Tuesday. That sure sounds a whole lot like a full fledged Android tablet, which would be quite a departure for Barnes & Noble -- sure, the Nook is Android-based, but it hardly acts like it currently. Still, there's a smell of Android tablets in the air, and it wouldn't be horribly surprising to see B&N move in this direction. CNET's tipster says the device will be called the Nook Color, and retail for $249. That's pretty low for a 7-inch touchscreen LCD device, but perhaps (hopefully) B&N has its eye on an alternative tech like Mirasol or Pixel Qi? Either way, the existing Nook will apparently continue to be sold as a lower-end version, so e-ink aficionados have no need to throw their hands up in despair just yet. Stay tuned!