Live from the Engadget reader meetup in NYC

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Live from the Engadget reader meetup in NYC
We're having a party, where are you? If you happen to be in the NY area, feel free to drop by, we'll be here at Espace in Manhattan until 10:30PM. Thanks again to Sprint for sponsoring, and all the exhibitors, which include Sony PlayStation, Research In Motion, Palm, Sony VAIO, Bug Labs, Panasonic, Nokia, Sling, Roku, Sonos, Boxee, Peek, and many more. We'll be streaming live to Ustream with an EVO 4G, among other shenanigans, and we'll try to update this post with photos and text throughout the night. More details on how to get here and what to expect can be found at this hyperlink.

Update: Here's the Ustream, live from an EVO 4G courtesy of Sprint. We'll try to keep it live for as long as we can! The chat is here, if you want to hang out.

Update 2: It's over! Thanks for everyone who made it out, and to folks who wish we would have a reader meetup in their town, we share those sentiments entirely, and will be venturing outside of NY very soon.

10:03PM We just uploaded a ton of shots from the second raffle. Things are winding down here, but the memories will never fade in our hearts.

9:07PM Man, you missed out on this giveaway... two N8s, a Sonos, and two Roombas! We've got a few biggies left, including a Samsung Galaxy Tab and two Epic 4Gs! If you can't make it, there's also the Engadget Show on Saturday to try for some goodies of your own.

9:04PM And back to Kevin's Canon.

9:02PM Alright, we've got a bunch of shots from the giveaways. They're shot with an N8, and if we say so ourselves, they look pretty great. Good on you, Nokia.

8:20PM Giveaways are at 9:30, it's still not too late to show up! You know you want to. Don't be a square. All the cool kids are doing it.

8:09PM Alright, time for some 5D Mark II shots, courtesy of our favorite intern and yours, Kevin.

8:07PM Yeah, that was shot with a phone!

8:05PM Make sure to check out the livestream, which should be at the bottom, depending how you're sorting chronologically.

8:03PM We've got some shots incoming from Myriam using a HTC 7 Mozart running Windows Phone 7.

7:12PM Things are getting crazy here -- we just scooped a BlackBerry Style hands-on from some very confused RIM reps. "Who are you?" they asked. "Engadget," we said. "You know, like the sign."

6:38PM We're just getting underway. Look at that line! Inside it's the quiet before the storm, and time for a few choice staff beauty shots.
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