New content update adds epic battle to Runes of Magic

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New content update adds epic battle to Runes of Magic
Looking for a challenge to tear up in Runes of Magic? Well, if you think you have what it takes, Runewaker Entertainment and Frogster Interactive have a brand new epic battle for you -- the world boss Amboriar! The new patch, 3.0.5, The Guardian's Awakening, throws open the doors on this new fight for Runes of Magic players, as well as offering new difficulty modes to Raksha Temple for level 58+ players that will scale all the way up to 125% at the diamond level. (We're going to bet there are some equally epic loots to match!)

Along with the new boss battle and more difficult dungeon, this patch also kicks off the Pumpkin Festival, Runes of Magic's Halloween event. Players can pick up quests to protect a pair of pumpkins, smite stinky vegetables, and generally have all manner of silly holiday-themed fun. If you're curious about what this update has to offer, check out the five new screenshots and video of Amboriar below, then pop over to the Runes of Magic site for the full patch notes.
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