Students get their hands on Microsoft's Adaptive Keyboard, adapt it to their nefarious ways (video)

When Microsoft announced its Adaptive Keyboard, backed by an LCD not entirely unlike the Optimus Maximus and its dynamic ways, the company said it'd be hosting a contest to see which students could come up with the best way to use the thing. Now it's time to look at some of the results. Highlights? One app, with the press of a button, replaces your keys with the icons on your desktop. Another brings Windows Media Player playlist control to your fingertips, and a third lets coders easily navigate namespace, class, and member variables. Oh, and then there's the app that dynamically remaps your keys to frustrate keyloggers -- and users. There are lots more, all presented by some generally uncomfortable looking students over the course of the video embedded after the break. Warning: it's 24 minutes long, so you'd best get a refill before clicking "Play."

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