Netflix testing $7.99 and $8.99 streaming-only plans in US right now, one is not a discount (update)

When CEO Reed Hastings called Netflix "primarily a streaming company that also offers DVD-by-mail," he wasn't messing around, as the company's quietly made streaming-only plans a reality on US shores. Strangely enough, however, it seems the firm hasn't quite decided how much the new plan should cost, as depending on which computer and web browser you use to navigate Netflix's website you'll see a different result. Our Windows desktop running Chrome was invited to sign up for the same $7.99 disc-less plan as our Canadian counterparts, while Firefox asked us to pay $8.99 for the same privilege, and in either case it'd cost us $9.99 in total if we wanted physical discs as well -- while a MacBook Pro on the other side of the country was given the choice between $8.99 for streaming-only or Netflix's previous plan of $8.99 for both. In short, there's a chance you might get a $1 discount if you only use the company's online service now, but if you like DVDs delivered to your door you may find yourself subsidizing those who don't. See a picture illustrating the discrepancy right after the break.

Update: We've got Netflix's entire pricing breakdown for DVD-mailer plans after the break, and unless we're mistaken, the three cheapest tiers all cost an extra dollar now, while the more expensive plans stay the same.

[Thanks, Michael S.]