T-Mobile launching data tethering / wireless hotspot plan on Nov. 3rd for $14.99?

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|10.26.10

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T-Mobile launching data tethering / wireless hotspot plan on Nov. 3rd for $14.99?
T-Mobile said it was "working to deliver" hotspot support to T-Mobile G2 users, and now we might know the reason for the delay -- an allegedly leaked document details Magenta's scheme to offer a comprehensive data tethering plan for a $14.99 monthly fee. According to the convincingly worded internal memo, the new feature will let you tether over WiFi, Bluetooth or a physical USB cable at both 3G and HSPA+ speeds, though only on a $20 or higher unlimited data plan -- so if you've got just 200MB, you'll have to spend them on the small screen. The doc also says it's subject to T-Mobile's recent throttling efforts, so don't expect to enjoy HSPA+ on your tethered tablet for long: "Customers who purchase a T-Mobile mobile broadband product like the upcoming Galaxy Tab should activate with a webConnect plan to ensure the best experience," the document specifically suggests. The plan's apparently coming November 3rd, a date which is associated with another likely rumor, too -- TmoNews has a leaked email of its own suggesting the new myTouch will hit November 3rd as well. With Verizon, AT&T and Sprint all already charging for connection sharing, we suppose the writing was on the wall. The days of ambiguous wireless freedom are just about over, folks.
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