Another hardware keyboard solution for iPhone

Keith M
K. M|10.27.10

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Another hardware keyboard solution for iPhone
iphone keyboardThere are many iPhone detractors who still won't let go of the fact that the iPhone doesn't have a physical keyboard. Whether it's because the on-screen keyboard is too difficult to use, or the move away from "the norm" is too jarring, it's what holds back many from making the switch or from liking the iPhone they already have.

There have been physical keyboard solutions for the iPhone for some time now, like the 4iThumbs and iTwinge overlays, but now there's a new type of keyboard from ThinkGeek that connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and doubles as a case. The $49.99 keyboard is powered by its own rechargeable batteries (recharges via USB) and, when not in use, can flip to the backside of the phone.

Unfortunately, once the keyboard is flipped to the back, it's obstructing the camera, so taking photos is going to be cumbersome with this thing attached. It's also going to add a bit of bulk to your phone, but what do you expect when you're carrying around a separate keyboard for the thing?

[via iPhone Savior]
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