Black Prophecy's clan system outlined in new update

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Black Prophecy's clan system outlined in new update
Have you been hungry for more information on Reakktor Media and gamigo's upcoming free-to-play space dogfighter, Black Prophecy? Well then, today's update on clan systems will undoubtedly be welcome news for those of you who can't wait to fly with friends. Some of the mechanics are very familiar, such as a clan leader being able to assign ranks and responsibilities to certain members, as well as the ability for the clan to create their own logo using an in-game editor.

Other aspects of the Black Prophecy clan system deal with familiar mechanics turned on their heads -- such as how clan stations will be handled. The word is that players will have to complete faction missions and gather enough resources and members, then they will be able to request their own chunk of space in which to build their clan station. Players will also be able to decide if the station will be opened up to others players in the faction that they're allied with, or if it will be kept for the clan members alone; thus removing any fear of getting your station blown to heck in the middle of a giant PvP clan war. Each station will be comprised of a central command module that will house up to 10 players comfortably, and offer some small vendor aspects. From there, players can add on more modules to their station to not only unlock more room and additional perks, but also more faction missions.

Overall, it certainly sounds like an ambitious yet fun system. Check out the shiny new screenshots below, then pop over to the Black Prophecy forums for the specifics on the clan system!
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