Panasonic to start Avatar 3D Blu-ray promotion December 1

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Panasonic to start Avatar 3D Blu-ray promotion December 1
Panasonic 3DTV owners and potential owners can expect a treat this December , when the company will exclusively distribute Avatar on 3D Blu-ray to its customers. While that doesn't help anyone who's purchased any other brand of 3DTV this year, these promotional flyers that spotted by a tipster at Best Buy reveal those who shell out for a VIERA brand 3D plasma this December will get a free pair of 3D glasses included, while all owners new and old are eligible to receive the disc through the "VIERA 3D TV Loyalty Program." Check out the full image after the break for all the details, and if you don't have a Panasonic set, set up your eBay watchlists now if you plan on getting Avatar in 3D before 2011.

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