Troll Touch announces 27-inch touchscreen Cinema Displays

Sam Abuelsamid
S. Abuelsamid|10.28.10

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Troll Touch announces 27-inch touchscreen Cinema Displays
Even if Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn't interested (for now at least) in giving his followers a touchscreen desktop computing experience, Troll Touch is. The company has added touchscreen monitors to its existing lineup with a pair of options based on the latest 27-inch LED-backlit Cinema Display.

Troll Touch is offering an integrated display, where the front glass is replaced with an analog resistive panel, or a user installable option, where the same resistive panel can be applied to an existing display and removed when not needed. Both options come with calibration and driver software.

The integrated unit is priced at US$2,499, and the user installable SlipCover version is $1,099. If you already have a 27-inch display, you can ship it to Troll Tech, and they will install the integrated touch panel for $1,499. Troll Tech also offers touch-enabled versions of other Apple and Dell displays as well as iMacs and plastic MacBooks.

Watching the video in the second half of the post, we'd have to agree with Jobs that a desktop touchscreen just doesn't really make much sense, especially for extended use. A vertical touch panel, especially one this large, would be very fatiguing. The only place we see this system being useful is for installation into a kiosk.

[Via Macsimum News]

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