TUAW's Daily App: Virus Strike

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.01.10

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TUAW's Daily App: Virus Strike

Virus Strike is an intriguing little puzzle game that presents a mix between Dr. Mario and line-drawing games. The idea is that you have little viruses made of various colors dropping down onto the screen, and you can draw a little path on the screen for them to fall down into. Every once in a while you'll have antibodies show up as well, and your job is to guide those antibodies into a virus of the same color. Grouped viruses will all disappear together, so the overall goal is to group up the various colors, then drop an antibody on them when you're ready.

The gameplay starts simple but gets frantic. There's a line in the middle of the screen, and if your viruses ever pile up and you touch an antibody to the wrong color, it's game over. The game's free right now, but that price doesn't come with any extras -- there's no social integration or other game modes to play.

Still, if you're just on the hunt for a good puzzler experience, it's worth a download. You can check out Virus Strike on the App Store right now.

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