Europe drops €22M into Symbian, Harrods shopping spree seems inevitable

Don't count the Symbian Foundation out just yet, because the European Commission has emerged like a knight in shining armor thanks to a €22 million public / private joint investment and a new consortium of some 24 organizations awkwardly called SYMBEOSE: "Symbian – the Embedded Operating System for Europe." Needless to say, it seems like some of the higher-ups across the continent are feeling a little emotional about the hometown platform -- especially now that it's starting to take a lot of heat -- and have thrown some skin in the game to keep things interesting. For its part, the Foundation says that the initiative (and presumably the money) will go toward developing "new core platform capabilities," exploring cloud computing, and broadening the platform's hardware ecosystem, among other things. Oh, and new Air Jordans would be nice. For Christmas, maybe.

[Thanks, Ronald]