WoW Moviewatch: Happy Place

Michael Gray
M. Gray|11.02.10

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WoW Moviewatch: Happy Place
WoW Moviewatch: Happy Place
Happy Place was the entry into the BlizzCon 2010 machinima contest from Cranius and Legs. It tells the story of a rogue herbalist who usually wants nothing more than to chill out in his happy place picking flowers. As an undead rogue, everyone expects him to simply be a vicious, violent jerk. He eschews these traits, preferring the more peaceful life alongside his loved ones. Of course, given enough provocation, even this kind rogue gets a little rowdy.

This video just goes to show how stiff the competition was this year in the machinima contest. Cranius and Legs definitely represent some of the top tier of talent in the WoW machinima world. Happy Place is a great song with a brilliant machinima. Of course, that's kind of what you get from these two, but their videos have become a treat for the WoW audience. Here's hoping we get to see more before next year's contest.

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