Fantasy Earth Zero launches a brand-new amusement park

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.04.10

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Fantasy Earth Zero launches a brand-new amusement park
There's always time to step away from the potentially needless slaughter that punctuates most MMOs and go relax in a more neutral setting. Even if the game in question is the PvP-heavy Fantasy Earth Zero, there's plenty of opportunity to take a bit of time away from combat. That's why the game has just launched the new Galm Amusement Park, complete with plenty of opportunities for players to partake in a new minigame, Dream Gacha.

Located on the same island as the La Velza Colosseum, the amusement park allows players a chance to take a look inside the dreams of the five national leaders and see what's on their minds. A full guide to locating, playing, and winning the minigame is available at the official site. There are also a number of additional events taking place at the new park, including a free coin giveaway running until the 16th. Fantasy Earth Zero players would be well-advised to take a moment away from the game's battlefields for a bit of relaxation in the new park -- after all, the continent will still be around for you to conquer tomorrow.
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