Droid 2 Global launching on November 11th?

Recent intel suggests that Motorola's Droid 2 Global will be coming in two colors -- kind of a strange choice for a phone being tagged as "business-grade" -- and now, it looks like we can expect to see at least one of those colors on next Thursday, November 11th. Specifically, the leak we've got here calls out the blue version of the phone (probably the same blue on the Droid 2 of old); the white model isn't mentioned, so it's unclear whether Verizon's planning on holding that one back for a bit longer. We suppose it's possible that the white looks just a little too much like the pricey R2-D2 edition for Big Red's comfort, so they might want to give the spunky little astromech droid a bit more exclusivity before hauling in another white model (with better radios, no less). Seeing how the Droid Pro looks targeted for a week later on the 18th, this might be the very first CDMA / GSM dual-mode Android phone on the market -- so who's excited?