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Microsoft Kinect ripped to pieces, found to contain chips on tiny green boards

If you ever doubted that Microsoft's Kinect was based on PrimeSense technology, you can leave those suspicions at the door -- iFixit's separated the twin-eye motion sensing camera into its constituent parts, and there's definitely PrimeSense silicon on board. To be precise, there's a PrimeSense processor that handles images from the color and infrared CMOS auto-focus imagers, a Marvell SoC to interface with those cameras,64MB of DDR2 memory and 1MB of flash plus an accelerometer of all things. (Perhaps game developers intend to break the fourth wall when you inevitably knock the unit off your TV.) Filled with four different kinds of security screws and a fair bit of glue, Kinect's a tough nut to crack. Seems like a small price to pay, however, when it's so wonderfully robotic underneath. Oh, and speaking of the Kinect -- don't suppose you've read our full review?