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The 7th Guest coming to iPhone in December

Keith M
Keith M|November 4, 2010 6:30 PM
the 7th guest
Retro games continue to make their way to the iOS platform. One of the latest early-'90s games about to make its way to iOS is Trilobyte's FMV adventure/puzzle game, The 7th Guest. The company says it is due to come out sometime early next month.

When it debuted in 1993, The 7th Guest was one the first computer games to come out on CD (CD!) and was originally priced at US$79.95. For the iOS version, you'll only have to fork over $3.99. It seems this won't be a universal app, as it's labeled as an "iPhone" game. Perhaps an HD version will be in the works if the iPhone version is a winner.

Are you a newcomer to The 7th Guest and interested in picking this one up? Or are you an old 7th Guest veteran who wants to try the app out on your iPhone next? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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