The Daily Grind: What game did you spend the most time not playing?

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.05.10

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The Daily Grind: What game did you spend the most time not playing?
Picture this: it's Saturday afternoon, and you're absolutely determined that you're going to spend some time leveling up in your game of choice. It could be World of Warcraft, it could be Star Trek Online, it could be anything. But you log in, and you note that before you go to town, you just need to check up on your auctions. And, oh, right, there's a bit of crafting you should do. Plus an old friend sent you a letter, you should respond, and the next thing you know four hours have passed and you have to log off without having gotten a single experience point.

This doesn't mean that the time spent was a wash, naturally, but looking back you didn't really wind up playing the game so much as existing in the game space whilst doing other things. Sometimes you might even have more fun playing the auctioneer, but it's still time spent in a game all about orc-punching wherein no orcs were punched. So when did you spend the most time not actually playing the game you were logged in with? Was it in-game business that needed your attention, or were you alt-tabbing away until you lost track of time?
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