ScreenSteps 2.8.7, documentation gets social

Brett Terpstra
B. Terpstra|11.06.10

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ScreenSteps, an app for creating screen-based documentation and a TUAW favorite, has just released a pretty big update and a brand-new social document service called The desktop update includes, among other improvements, a totally-rewritten screen capture tool that makes the documentation process quite a bit simpler.

The coolest part of the new screen capture tool is the ability to remember snapshot positions. If you're repeatedly taking screenshots of the same window or the same section of a web page, you can grab the exact same part of your screen each time. This not only saves time, it gives your documentation more uniform images, improving clarity.

Among the other new features is a blur tool in the image editor, perfect for obscuring email addresses and personal information in screenshots. Also, ScreenSteps has added Zendesk as a service with which it can directly interface (the list already included WordPress, MindTouch, Confluence and others)., in beta right now, is a social document service, similar to or Jing, but for documentation. Send a lesson directly from the desktop application and get back a short url and/or styled or unstyled HTML, ready for pasting on the web. It's simple, and it's great for everything from sharing on Twitter to posting to Basecamp or HTML newsletters.

You can sign up for the beta right now for free, and you can download a 14-day trial of ScreenSteps Desktop at Blue Mango. A license for the desktop version (good for both Mac and Windows) is US$39.95 for standard, US$79.95 for the Pro version (version comparison). Academic pricing is available.

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