Elemental invasion phase 2 begins

Mathew McCurley
M. McCurley|11.08.10

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Elemental invasion phase 2 begins
Head over to Ironforge and Orgrimmar for a couple new quests, because phase 2 of the elemental invasion has begun! For the Alliance, Gavan Grayfeather has you subduing some agitated earth spirits after drinking some elemental sapta and finding out what happened to the courier bringing the tablets of earth from Ulduar, as per Magni's request.

For the Horde, you'll be rounding up some agitated fire elementals after drinking some sapta and helping Earthmender Norsala get the tablets of fire after Durak Flamespeaker is ambushed by a Twilight Seeker.

If all goes according to plan and each week we get the next phase of the invasion, we may see the next wave happening Monday, Nov. 15. City invasions, random dungeon bosses and more await us in the near future! We live in exciting times, ladies and gentlemen.
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