Fabian Hemmert's urgency-augmented calling concept detailed on video

Fabian Hemmert's no stranger to unorthodox cellphone designs, but things are really starting to get zany in his newest video. While speaking at TEDxSalzburg, Hemmert was able to elaborate on a project that he's been tinkering with for a year or so. In essence, it's the realization of tactful calling, or urgency-augmented calling. In an effort to solve a very real social problem ("Should I answer this call right now? Is it important?"), this here concept would utilize an inbuilt pressure sensor as well as a tweaked user interface. The caller would be able to press on the sensor in order to indicate the level of importance, and the receiver would be able to screen calls based on the level of severity. In theory, all of this sounds fantastic -- the only issue is that telemarketers (amongst others) all think that each of their calls is of the utmost importance. Like anything in life, this too would only truly work if not abused. Head on past the break and mash play -- we're pretty convinced this is just a few tweaks short of being amazing.