Rhapsody on Android now works offline, but still goes online too (video)

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|11.08.10

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Rhapsody member on Android? Your life just got a little sweeter. Following up on August's iPhone update and in the footsteps of other downloadable streaming services like Slacker Radio, Rhapsody's Android app now offers playlists that don't turn into pauselists when you go offline. Subscribers paying the $10 per month can now make a list of whatever tracks they want (including full albums of content available on the service) and download those to the phone, where they can be played back even if there isn't even a whiff of network connectivity in the air. Naturally we're guessing the DRM is strong with these tracks and they'll surely only be playable through the Rhapsody app itself, but if you have a long flight ahead and need a bunch of fresh tunes to come along you could certainly do worse.

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