All systems go: Perpetuum launching November 25th

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|11.09.10

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All systems go: Perpetuum launching November 25th
It's been five years in the making -- not to mention 18 months of beta testing -- but on November 25th, it all comes to a head. Perpetuum Online, which has been described as "EVE Online meets mechs," finally has a launch date.

Avatar Creations'
project is a persistent world at war, in which players can build, pilot and destroy robots across the landscape. According to Perpetuum's manifesto, the dev team strived to make an MMO that focuses on a social experience that utilizes crafting, economy and territory control as tools to connect large amounts of players.

The download will be free, and Avatar Creations has announced that the pricing plan will be €8.95/$9.95 depending on the region. Interested players would do well to take the company up on the offer of early access, which costs the same but gives an additional week of play (early access players can start on November 18th) and four weeks of "extra extension points."

Hit the jump to see Perpetuum's launch trailer and figure out if this is the virtual world for you!
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