Breakfast Topic: The best and worst classes for gold

Allison Robert
A. Robert|11.09.10

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Breakfast Topic: The best and worst classes for gold
I started leveling a worgen rogue on the beta servers to get a better feel for the Alliance's leveling experience in Cataclysm, and it's my first time playing that class for any real length of time. After being introduced to the pleasures of Pick Pocket, the hostile inhabitants of the Redridge Mountains and Duskwood found themselves being relieved of their wallets with cheerful regularity.

While the money-per-hour from pickpocketing isn't great, it still got me to thinking -- if you leave the auction house out of the equation (class obviously doesn't matter there), are rogues the best class to play if you care about making money? If they're not, which class has it easiest if you're interested in accruing a nest egg? Someone's mechanics or advantages have to be the best for a would-be millionaire, even if the vast majority of income in the game really doesn't have anything to do with what you play.

Then again, the issue has a flip side. During The Burning Crusade, I would've said that protection warriors and paladins were at the greatest possible disadvantage for saving gold. High repair bills, terrible farming capacity, food, water, reagent and respec costs added up quickly for plate tanks. And until very recently, hunters were literally obligated to pay for every shot or arrow they fired. Someone's gotta have it best -- but someone has it worst, too. Which class gets soaked the most these days?
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