OmniGraffle for iPad 1.4 out now

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OmniGraffle for iPad 1.4 out now
omnigraffle for ipadFor those of you who don't know, OmniGraffle for the iPad (also available for the Mac) is a tool that helps you turn complex ideas and processes into clear, easily understood drawings, diagrams, charts, and the like. Basically, it's a great tool to illustrate stuff that would otherwise take too long to explain in words (for more information, our own Erica Sadun took a hands on look at the app back in April).

Fans of OmniGraffle for iPad can now rejoice because its latest update has just been approved for the App Store.

OmniGraffle for iPad 1.4 is iOS 4.2 ready. That means that when iOS 4.2 is released, OmniGraffle will support iOS multitasking and AirPrint. Additionally, this update introduces a whole host of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Some of the highlights include: an enhanced Document Browser with improved filtering and sorting, better stencil management (and you can make your own custom stencils from scratch), a new and improved Font Inspector popover and remote file syncing to iDisk (MobileMe) and WebDAV. That's just to mention a few.

For owners of OmniGraffle, the update is available now through updates on the App Store. A list of all the new features and fixes can be found at the OmniGraffle website, here.

And in case you missed it, The Omni Group has committed to developing for the forthcoming Mac App Store, too. All the details can be found here.

[via Mac Stories]
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