Sony Ericsson's Anzu / X12 to be Xperia Gingerbread flagship? (Update: more pics!)

We're not sure what Sony Ericsson's gotten to lately with its mythological codenames, but if Xperia X10 Blog's source is to be trusted, what we're looking at here is supposedly an upcoming handset codenamed "Anzu" (a lesser god of Akkadian mythology), or simply the X12 according to the often reliable Eldar Murtazin. Details are thin right now, but the leakster claims that said device is "very, very slim" yet packing a 4.3-inch display and HDMI output -- sounds very much like the Droid X, if you ask us. Although this particular photo shows an Android 2.1 build on the phone, rumor has it that it'll be shipped with Gingerbread (which is now pretty much officially 2.3) in Q1 next year.

Here's another interesting bit of gossip to take with you: we've heard from a couple of reliable sources close to the matter that the Anzu lies in the same category as the PlayStation Phone "Zeus" (also on Gingerbread but lacking the Xperia branding), and that they're being tested alongside each other. Whether this is an indication that the mystical Z-System gaming platform is heading to the Anzu, we don't know, but it makes sense given that both upcoming SE devices appear to bear the same screen size, or at least the same aspect ratio. Either way, we're told the pair will be officially announced some time before or shortly after Christmas, which again supports Xperia X10 Blog's leak. Time to stock up on some fine champagne, folks -- looks like 2011 is going to be a good year.

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Update: Well that was quick. Xperia X10 Blog's just posted a few more lovely pics of the Anzu, and boy it sure is thin -- check out the profile shot after the break. The site's also just heard that said phone can capture 1080p video and will have a front-facing camera. [Thanks, Tejstar]