The Last Story has competitive and cooperative online play

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Yes, it's still on the Wii.

The latest Jump magazine, summarized by Andriasang, reveals two online game modes for Mistwalker's surprisingly exciting action RPG, The Last Story. The competitive mode is a battle arena, and the cooperative mode has players teaming up to fight tough monsters -- reminiscent of a certain phenomenally successful series about hunting monsters, perhaps. Both modes support up to six players and are accessed through the game's "Raid Lobby" area.

With players meeting their pals on the internet, it makes sense that you can customize your character. Andriasang notes that players' armor and equipment is visible on their characters, and items can be "painted" to customize their color. The Last Story will be released in Japan on January 27. No plans have been announced for a launch outside of Japan.%Gallery-107120%